Sustainability Commitments

Avana Piel S.L. is always committed to the following

Sustainability commitments

Avana Piel, S.L. considers the Sustainable Development as a fundamental part in the life of the company, which is divided into 3 dimensions:

  • Social Dimension
  • Environmental Dimension
  • Economic Dimension

Thanks to them, Avana Piel S.L. creates the 6 commitments with the sustainable development:

1. Commitment to our clients.

2. Commitment to the shareholders.

3. Staff: commitment to the health, the security and personal and professional development

4. Commitment to the good performance and ethics.

5. Commitment to the environmental protection.

6. Commitment to efficiency.

Through these 6 commitments, the Sustainability Development in our company wants to get the environmental conservation. Consequently, it would guarantee our future and it would create the wealth for every person that takes part in the company life (clients, staff, suppliers, shareholders and every person who can profit from it).

In short, a balanced economic, social and environmental development.

1. Client. Commitment to the quality of the product and service.

Avana Piel, S.L. provides its clients high quality products and excellent after-sales services.

2. Shareholders. Commitment to value and profitability creation.

Commitment to creating value for our shareholders, through growth and operational excellence, based on sustainable development and ethic and social responsibility.

3. Employees. Commitment to people’s health, safety and personal and career development.

Avana Piel, S.L. offers its employees the best working conditions and equal opportunity. To avoid any discrimination, every person can use her/his capacities and develop the personal potential.

We like promoting a good work atmosphere and safe and healthy occupations. Also, a balance between work and family life.

Our qualified staff is always ready to give us the best results. Consequently, we try to provide the best conditions to foster the personal and professional development.

4. Conduct. Code of Business and Ethics.

We are committed to putting into practice the essential values of our company and the transparency that every company must have.

5. Environment. Environmental protection.

We have an environmental agreement, using the right raw materials, to avoid the environmental impact.

6. Innovation. Committed to efficiency.

Avana Piel S.L. is committed to technological development to provide our clients the best service and quality.