We are a company dedicated to the bag and leather good manufacture of quality excellent, it is placed in Ubrique (home to leather goods), Province of Cadiz -Spain-. Formed by a great human team, which we consider our most valuable asset. We have a long tradition making leather goods, more than 35 years of experience in the leatherwork backs us up, and it guarantees and excellent quality.

At the moment, our company is dedicated to making bags of prestigious French designers as well as of renowned Spanish brands. Our work philosophy revolves around exclusives designs of our customers. It is based on close collaboration with our customer’s needs and preferences, and we propose them competitive and innovative solutions, counting, as we have said, with highly qualified and experienced workers.

The aim of Avana Piel is not the marketing or sale of a product, but the design manufacture and making process following our customer’s indications. That way, we work with them for getting the best quality-price ratio.

Consequently, we accept the Experience, Knowledge and Confidence like the main pillars for getting our customer’s purposes.

Thank you to find photos of our facilities below:


Avana Piel is dedicated to the manufacture of high quality handbags and accessories, focusing, first, on the development of prototypes for collections of large firms, as well as their productions. For this manufacture we follow the guidelines that our customers indicate.

We are also open to new designers who start in the sector of fashion accessories and need a company capable of understanding their concerns and help them to achieve their desires.

Our company offers the exclusivity to manufacture the production of our clients, has its own design team, design support, advice on the choice of materials, guidance on construction issues and volumes and, above all, assistance in the process of creation of their models, under our experience.

In short, a leather goods company in Ubrique with extensive experience in fashion items (handbags, accessories, small leather goods) with a team of highly qualified workers who will be able to develop all their ideas in the world of handbags.