This company is one that has been featured several times in our posts on leather bags. Obviously for several reasons, as it is one of the companies that weighs heavy in the fashion industry, and another one of those reasons is that they create these beautiful bags made of PVC.

Well, as the spring/summer season is almost approaching, something that I am very enthusiastic about, it seems that the familiar Candy Bags have become quite the trend with their lively spring colours. They also present a range of new creations that hold all the potential of becoming the new must-haves for our closets.

So, we find new Candy Bags in bright spring colours, such as yellow or Klein blue, the latter being a colour that also starred in many of our other articles.

Candy Bags

Both models are available for same price, at 167 euros. Furla provides the option to choose between these semi-transparent fashion bags. I’m sure that the Candy bags will not lose the coveted position they have achieved so far during previous seasons, and to guarantee this, Furla has not hesitated to customize these models by following the current trends, such as animal or military prints.

Furla print animal o militar

The price of these two bags is slightly higher than that of the original Candy Bag models. You can have the animal print bag for 220 euros. If you prefer sticking to the military trend, you can do this for 200 euros.

These are not the only models available in this season’s collection by Furla. This year, they have launched three more models that share the high quality features of the Candy Bag.

Piper Tote Bag

These two models are Piper Tote Bags, one in smooth leather and the other with perforated leather. As you can see, this duo in black and white are probably still one of the safest bets. The price for both bags is the same, 500 euros.

Venus Satchel de Furla

The Venus Satchel is also available in a black and white combination. Its price is 400 euros.

Furla klein azul

We end with a leather bag that I personally like. This clutch in a Klein blue and beige combination is a perfect companion for any elegant and simple outfit. Its price is 220 euros.