We recently wrote about the origin of the first bag; in the beginning the leather in its simplest form dates as far back as the prehistory. Here, the use of fur began is its most elemental way.

In prehistoric times, humans were vulnerable to adverse weather conditions. That resulted in the inability to move around in or to cold areas and during certain seasons they would practically live with the minimal and avoided going outside because temperatures were low.

They prepared skins of hunted animals to protect themselves from the weather which was very helpful in leading a more comfortable life, as they also used these skins to build huts, bags, shoes and even strings.

In the early days, tanning animal skins was done in the most basic way. Stones and bones were used as tools to relax the skin and clean them, but the result wasn’t tremendous as the skin could only be used for a few months

This is part of the journey of leather and humans. This week we will show you some historic examples of this journey; how the tanning process has improved and which various purposes are given to leather.